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3:53 PM

I love these shoes. I'm all for comfort (which these shoes are all about). And they add a POP of color too!
Being a nanny comfy shoes are important. You have to be ready (and have shoes that are ready) to run after the kiddo.

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OOTD // Black Shirt: Cotton On // Pink Shoes: Target // Jeans: Kohls // Necklace: H&M // 

I hope you'all are doing well, blogy friends. Working keeps me busy but I find time during nap time to check in on the blog world. And now that school has started I have to find time for my one little online class. Oh the joys of being a grown up. Fun fun fun.

OH and did you guys see the new Divergent trailer!??!! Steve's even excited about it and he hasnt even read the book ;)

general tso's

R4U- GF General Tso

2:49 PM

Recipe 4 You:

Gluten Free General Tso's 
Gluten Free General Tso
A couple weeks ago I made SteveO one of his FAVORITE dishes. General Tso's. Its his favorite and I made it in celebration of his new job!
However, I made it Gluten Free (gotta get my future hubby used to eating GF :) ).
You can use corn starch to fry the chicken (I do that for my sweet and sour chicken sometimes) but if you want to make it even more healthy, only use the corn starch for the sauce.

Gluten Free General Tso

2 Tbs sesame oil 
2 green onions, sliced 
2 cloves garlic, minced
 1 tsp red pepper flakes 
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into bite-sized pieces 
3/4 cup chicken broth 
2 Tbs corn starch 
2 Tbs sugar 
2 Tbs Bragg’s amino acids 
2 Tbs rice wine vinegar 
1/2 tsp ground ginger

Heat oil over medium heat in a wok or large frying pan. Add green onions, garlic, red pepper & chicken. Cook 5 minutes. While chicken is cooking, whisk together rest of ingredients. Add sauce to pan & heat until sauce is thickened & chicken is cooked through. 
Serve over rice (i used Jasmine Rice)

SteveO said it was the best General Tso's he's ever had. 
Mission Accomplished. 


Back to work

1:46 PM

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This past week was nothing short of crazy. I went from having no job, to a job, and then getting offered a better job and having to quit the first job after one day.

So what is my new job you ask?
I am a nanny again. Full time. Which is great and such a blessing. I'm taking just an online class this semester so I can focus on my wedding and future marriage :) and also watching an adorable 1.5 year old.
I am going to keep blogging as much as I can. I love doing it even though I get busy and can't post as much as I would like.

So stayed tuned for my nanny adventures/outfits. I attempted to capture my outfit this morning room was a mess so I had to settle for a dirty mirror shot :P SORRY
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Shirt: Target // Shorts: Cotton On // Shoes: Target //



8:00 AM


A nice cup of coffee. I am a coffee connoisseur. I like my coffee and coffee mugs. I like my coffee warm, in a fun mug, with lots of creamer. In the morning I like it regular, at night I like it decaf :)

 photo IMG_7388_zpsca05e27f.jpg

Coupons. OK.. I may not be obsessive with them but I like using them. Ask Steve, I HATE going shoping with out my coupons. If I dont have them with me when we enter Target or Publix, I am besides myself. Steve doesn't complain though. I'm saving money so that's all that matters :P

If I had $60 these would be on their precious way to my house.
Topanga | Blowfish Shoes | $69

Razmitten | Blowfish Shoes | $60

Sorry this is so short. Its been quiet a week! Can't wait to catch up on some blog reading though! 

best friend

Time for..

3:43 PM

Random thoughts with Samantha:

My days have been filled to the brim. I'm always doing something. If I'm home, i'm narrowing down wedding plans and other things. If I'm not home I'm out with friends. I dont mind the busyness. The wedding plans can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes November seems far away and other times it seems like it's tomorrow. Its defiantly a fun but stressful experience to say the least

Having support from friends and family is a great thing to have during this time. I was never that girl with 500 friends in High School. I was (and still am a little) the introverted girl.
And during this crazy time in my life I am really thankful for the few friends I do have instead of the hundreds I wished for in High School.
 I have one friend, that is always there to get lunch and catch up and even though we don't spend everyday together, we still are as close as we can be.

I have my "brothers" who, by blood, are really not my brothers, but they live up to their names. They pick on me, drive me crazy sometimes, but also look out for me and make me laugh when I need it. 
Then I have the far away friend who lives thousands of miles away, but is always there for me, write's me a book of an email, and always has my back. We've been besties for 16 years. 
And of course I'm marring my best friend. So. Nough said.

I guess what this random post is really about is how looking back, to the wonderful HS days when I would cry because I didnt have a tons of friends who would included me in everything, that I came out ok and how I wish I realized then what I know now is that less friends, even just one close friend. Is better then hundreds. 
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When I think...

12:41 AM

.... That he cant get any cuter...
He does this.
 photo IMG_7384_zps50405338.jpg

I usually put pillows and things of that nature on my futon to KEEP him from getting up on it.
He obviously just see's it as more pillows for his own comfort.
(and I know I'm probably pretty dumb for thinking PILLOWS would keep him from laying on the futon)