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A nice cup of coffee. I am a coffee connoisseur. I like my coffee and coffee mugs. I like my coffee warm, in a fun mug, with lots of creamer. In the morning I like it regular, at night I like it decaf :)

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Coupons. OK.. I may not be obsessive with them but I like using them. Ask Steve, I HATE going shoping with out my coupons. If I dont have them with me when we enter Target or Publix, I am besides myself. Steve doesn't complain though. I'm saving money so that's all that matters :P

If I had $60 these would be on their precious way to my house.
Topanga | Blowfish Shoes | $69

Razmitten | Blowfish Shoes | $60

Sorry this is so short. Its been quiet a week! Can't wait to catch up on some blog reading though! 


  1. I love my coupons too!! I only use the ones that are printed out for me with my receipt though at the grocery store. Where do you get your coupons? I want to get better at it!


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