March 2013 - Simply Samantha


8:00 AM

... my room was a total nightmare. You're getting a daily outfit shot in my little thin target mirror I keep in the hallway.

You're welcome.

 photo IMG_6982_zps53bd897a.jpg
 photo IMG_6983_zps1cab10fa.jpg
Boots: Thrifted // Jeans:SO from Kohls // Sweater: Kohls

BTW, I do know I wear these boots a lot.
 But they are the warmest pair of boots I own and seeing I live in Florida they are only 1 of 2 pair of boots I actually own.
They are the best boots ever though!

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I know a lot of my northern friends/bloggers are getting "spring snow". 
If it's any consolation. It only got up to 60 degrees today in Florida.


Accomplished 3/17-3/23

1:53 PM

I'm really feeling/liking these "accomplished" posts.
So lets make it a weekly thing.


Let's do this! 

  • Another week of school : Phew! Thank goodness. This week was just a bleh week at school. Probably because its "post" spring break.
  • Planning Fall 2013: On another subject of school. I can't believe its almost time to register! Ahh! I have a slight idea of what I want to take. The fun part is putting my schedule together.
  • Half Way Through : I'm half way through "For Darkness Shows the Stars". And I'm loving it.
  • Time with my "brother" : My "brother" (not biological brother, but best friend and who I call my brother), was blessed to get 2 weeks off before he heads off to his new job for 2 months :o And thank goodness. I missed my brother/sister time.
  • BLOOD: Was a big girl and let a stranger put a needle in my arm and draw my blood. All for the doctor  Nothing more fun then that. 


My Little One

3:42 PM

Little one: "Miss Samantha, how do you spell your name?
Me: proceeds to spell name
Little one : "Miss Samantha, how do you spell your new last name"
Me: "well it wont me my new name for a couple months, but ok" proceeds to spell future last name

Reason #10035 why I love working in kids church.



8:00 AM

This week I accomplished 

  • Not getting sunburnt - totally succeeded in NOT getting sunburnt at the game Sunday. Steve however, didn't do so well.  
  • Wedding Dress shopping - Yes I found it. No, you can't see it. It's gonna be a surprise :) 
  • Booked the photographer/videographer - major thing to get crossed off the list 
  • Found a new book to read - For Darkness Shows the Stars. Its inspired by Jane Austen's "Persuasion". SO cannot wait to start this book! 
  • Almost finishing the 1st season of "Arrested Development" - "I'll watch just one episode of AD" SAID NO ONE EVER. 

  • Did yoga - I had to take a couple days off cause I hurt my thigh last time i did yoga :o
  • Practiced Hair and Makeup for photo shoot - Engagement photo shoot is this weekend. Who's excited?? This girl!! And one of my besties is doing it. So excited. 

Audrey hepburn


5:00 PM

Guess what!? I'm actually gonna talk about something NON wedding related!

No I have not gone mad, I just know you dear readers, and I'd hate to poor you with another post filled of wedding deets.

Have you guys seen the new Galaxy Chocolate commercial?

First off Galaxy Chocolate. You combined two of my favorite things.

Chocolate and Audrey Hepburn.

I mean, whoever was the smarty pants that came up with that idea was genius.
You put two things many women love, TOGETHER, in a adorable commercial.

Plus that fact that she looks 99% real just blows my mind.

For those that dont know, just a little background info. I grew up watching old movies. One of the things my mom and grandma made sure i watched was old movie. I remember watching Sabrina with my mom and falling in love with Audrey. The amount of sweetness and class she emotes is beyond amazing and is why i've always looked up to her. Ive never wanted to be EXACTLY like her, like look like her or share the same mannerisms , but I did and always want to emote the same class, kindness, sweetness, and humbleness that she did.

If you haven't seen it. You should click the little play button if you so chose and see for yourself.  


Getting smaller

12:00 AM

Simply School Outfit

I love when my wedding list gets smaller.
Trust me there is a LOT more to do but its nice when I can check things off the list.
Everyday there is something to do/plan, but I dont think I have come across any wedding planning that wasn't enjoyable.
Stressful, heck ya, but still enjoyable.

Also, I apologize for the lack of post lately. Or lack of content in post.
One more week till spring break, which also means one more week of CRAZY school work.