Accomplished 3/17-3/23

1:53 PM

I'm really feeling/liking these "accomplished" posts.
So lets make it a weekly thing.


Let's do this! 

  • Another week of school : Phew! Thank goodness. This week was just a bleh week at school. Probably because its "post" spring break.
  • Planning Fall 2013: On another subject of school. I can't believe its almost time to register! Ahh! I have a slight idea of what I want to take. The fun part is putting my schedule together.
  • Half Way Through : I'm half way through "For Darkness Shows the Stars". And I'm loving it.
  • Time with my "brother" : My "brother" (not biological brother, but best friend and who I call my brother), was blessed to get 2 weeks off before he heads off to his new job for 2 months :o And thank goodness. I missed my brother/sister time.
  • BLOOD: Was a big girl and let a stranger put a needle in my arm and draw my blood. All for the doctor  Nothing more fun then that. 


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