8:00 AM

... my room was a total nightmare. You're getting a daily outfit shot in my little thin target mirror I keep in the hallway.

You're welcome.

 photo IMG_6982_zps53bd897a.jpg
 photo IMG_6983_zps1cab10fa.jpg
Boots: Thrifted // Jeans:SO from Kohls // Sweater: Kohls

BTW, I do know I wear these boots a lot.
 But they are the warmest pair of boots I own and seeing I live in Florida they are only 1 of 2 pair of boots I actually own.
They are the best boots ever though!

 photo IMG_6987_zps6f582596.jpg

I know a lot of my northern friends/bloggers are getting "spring snow". 
If it's any consolation. It only got up to 60 degrees today in Florida.


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