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Wordless Wednesday

12:00 PM


 Who has a signed copy of Shatter Me?? I do :) 
Thanks to BookPerks
Nevertheless I am a VERY happy camper right now :) 

just me

Weekend WrapUP

1:40 PM

Got my hair did. Its about 2inches shorter now. Nice and light for the summer :D

Finished "Never Ending Sky" by Veronica Rossi. AMAZING book. Will have to review it soon.

 Spent Saturday morning hooking up the Wii to my TV upstairs so I could watch Netflix, and then spent the REST of Saturday afternoon just watching stuff on netflix. Yup.

Sunday was rainy and dreary so I spent time inside relaxing, eating hummas and enjoying an ice coffee I picked up from DD. And of course watching Netflix.

Then the bestie spent the night and it was filled with laughing, ice cream, and movie watching.

Then Memorial day the bestie and I spent a mjority of the day in my bedroom watching movies an piggin out before the BBQ ;) Cause thats how we roll. 
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I hope you guys had a great weekend! I sure did! 


Friday Favorites

2:29 PM

Black Beans and Corn -
I LOVE this stuff. Whats funny though is I used to HATE it, I thought it tasted weird growing up. Now its my favorite thing to eat plain, throw in rice, or toss in a salad. It just a can of black beans, a can of corn, choped onion, and red wine vinegar. Yum!


Funny Movie References -
I recently printed this out and stuck it on my mirror in my room. It makes me laugh while encouraging me everyday -

Finding little things-
I'm using pinterest like crazy lately trying to find some fun DIY things to do this summer! Here are some of my fav's that I've found so far!

Have a great weekend you guys!

great gatsby

Um, Beautiful

11:00 AM

The Great Gatsby Trailer

First. Watch it.

Second, Lets chat about it.

My Thoughts ~
First of, this film is going to be BEAUTIFUL to watch, I mean, the trailer itself its perfection.
The cast of this movie is SPOT ON! , I can't complain one bit.
Can we already nominate this movie for "best costume design"? Because it deserves it.
Carey M, You are adorable. Enough said
Leo..... Leo,Leo,Leo..... You are Gatsby. You are amazing. You are perfection. You are one of my favorite actors EVER! And....... I love you :)

What are your thoughts about it?? Are you excited??

books reviews

Insurgent - Book Review

12:00 AM

this post contains spoilers.

If there is a new book out and I get my little hands on it,

I say IF because I am cheep and get books from the library and sometime my library is slow on the times and takes a couple days to get a new book... hence why I took me so long to read Insurgent....
I still love my library nevertheless :)

it usually only takes me about a day to finishes it.
However, that was not the case for Insurgent. But for good reasons.
I literary spent 3 days working on this book because I WANTED IT TO LAST!
That hardly EVER happens, the last time that happened was with "The Fault in our Stars" which took me a couple days to read.

I literally think I need to make a vlog about my feelings about this book but I don't have the time till this weekend so i'm going to try my best to write about it the best I can.

First off, I am one of those "If its a boring paragraph, i'm going to skip it" type of people when I read.

Its horrible I know. 
Reading Insurgent, I COULD NOT do that. If you skip a paragraph, you miss details, trust me I know. Numerous times I tried and had to go back and read the paragraph I skipped cause I got lost.
Which is SO GREAT, I love books that force me to read every single word!
That's great writing right there!

Second, I am SOOO HAPPY that Tris and Tobias relationship survived this book. The strain in their relationship in this book crushed my little fan girl heart sometimes. I HATE more than anything when a book ends with a relationship that is torn apart and you don't know if they end up together.
I HATE THAT with a passion.
But THANK YOU Veronica Roth, for doing such an amazing job and saving my heart the heartbreak of Tris and Tobais hating each other at the end of Insurgent. THANK YOU!

And lets take a moment to talk about Tobais. This book showed how deep his character is and how beautiful Veronica Roth developed his character. I haven't seen this great of a character development in a guy since Peeta in "Catching Fire".
(with that said, Veronica Roth, PLEASE don't pull a Suzanne Collins and do something to Tobais like SC did with Peeta in Mockingjay, I know it all turned out ok but I don't know if I could take it *knocks on wood* )

Toward the end of the book when Tris is captured and Tobias has to watch her get tortured, my heart BROKE!
I was babysitting when I got to that part and THANK God the girls I was watching were asleep because I was on the verge of tears reading about Tris getting tortured. It was SO hard to read.


Veronica Roth, you are one amazing writer! To have SO many characters, with so many different personality, and then you have such a complex plot yet your book is still amazing blows my mind!
And thank you for writing such great books that I can recommend without having to say anything negative about them :D

If you haven't read Insurgent OR Divergent for that matter. Read it now! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, so good!

BTW if you want another great review of Insurgent, check out my friend Cassidy's :D We have the same thoughts about it (especially around minuet 6.25)

get to know me

Get to know me!

12:00 AM

This is one of my favorite vlogs yet. Mostly cause I made myself edit more than usually and included my little buddy Jaxson :)



Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

Hair ideas - 

I love this, and actully tried it out yesterday. Mine didn't come out as pretty and but I'll practice and make it  better :)

Photobucket Photobucket

French Tips 
I've been trying to conquer the french tips since I was 15, and its HARD, mostly cause i suck doing my nails anyway. But WHOEVER came up with this. I thank you! you are a genius!

Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi
I'm not going to go into a long explanation of why i love this book cause there are not enough words but you should check it out what I did say about it on my summer reading list here :) 
Shatter Me Pictures, Images and Photos


I kind of like change

12:00 AM

Notice the blog??
 New (well they are kind of old) photo's :)

Thought it might be a little nice to go back to my original photos. I'm hopeing to get one of my lovely photography friends to take some nice pictures soon but we both have been so busy it hasn't worked out yet.

How do you like the picture though? What do you think :) I want to know :) 
I made a new button too so be sure to grab that and place it on your lovely blog! 



Summer Reads

12:00 AM

I'm one of those dorky people that like to read in there spear time. 
I look forward to going to sleep cause it means I get to snuggled up in bed and read till I'm sleepy.

Yup. Major Book nerd. That is me.

Soooooo, being the major book nerd that I am, I am going to give you some awesome book suggestions for your summer reading pleasure.

NOTE!: I may add to this list as the summer goes on but here are a few books to get you started :)

The Fault in Our Stars - By John Green 
If you haven't read this book yet. You NEED TOO! I suggest reading it as soon as you can so you can see why all that read it laugh/cry/and say AWW numerous times. I think this has been one of my favorite books to read THIS YEAR.

Fault in our stars Pictures, Images and Photos

  The Caster Chronicle  -by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl 
Thanks to the wonderful Cassidy, I found these books. They are amazing! If you want a good series to pick up from post-hunger games sadness, these are a great place to start! Plus the first book "Beautiful Creatures" is being made into a movie, so don't get behind on the times and READ THESE BOOKS!

Beautiful Creatures Pictures, Images and Photos 

  The Tyrlle Trilogy - Amanda Hocking
So imagine "The Princess Diaries" type of story with a futuristic/magical twist. That is basically "The Tyrlle Trilogy" - Starting with Switched, then Torn, than Ascend. I read both Switched and Torn each in 1 day. Insane. To me if I can read it in one day, its great book and worth suggesting.

Shatter Me - by Tahereh Mafi
First off, I want to thank Cassidy (again) for suggesting this book cause,
This book! SOOOOO GOOOD! I read it like a week ago and I'm still freaking out about it. The writing is just SO unique and I was hooked from the first chapter.  I literally haven't read such a great love story since Delirium (which i read last year). 
I want Adam, no lie. Peeta is starting to deal with some SERIOUS competition from Finn (from the Trylle Trilogy), Alex from Delirium, and now Adam. I mean..Comeon!
I seriously want to do a vlog review about it. It was that good! What do you think??

Got any book suggestions?? I'd love the hear them!! 
You check always check out what I'm reading by checking out my goodreads account here!


Weekend WrapUP

12:00 AM

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  • Conquered my last final which was Science and CELEBRATED the end of my freshman year at college!
  • Helped out at a Ladies Night at that was being held at our house for church - Fashion Show Time!- 
  • Spent some much needed girl time/retail therapy with one of my good friend's, and we of course took part in the half off frappuccino's at Starbucks!!  
  • Picked Mr.Jaxson up a new collar, doesn't he look dashing???
  • Also picked up these cute shorts for $8 at Target! 
  • Beautiful pink rose given to me by out children's church pastor for helping out. I am so blessed!
  • Spent all afternoon Sunday watching movies and chillin, Mothers Day = awesome movies on TV
  • Made dinner for sis and I. Honey Mustered Marinated Chicken over salad with roasted potatoes. Yumm! 

The fact that I don't have to get up for school anymore is weird.. In a good way. It's just wired getting out of the consistency of school then work every week but I"m gonna enjoy it and look forward to my sophomore  year at college come fall :D 

just me

I'm back!

12:00 AM

I survived my week of finals!! ahh!! 
And to celebrate, here is a little update vlog for your blog reading pleasure :)

(BTW when i said blog reviews, I meant book reviews ;) )

You like??
Let me know what kind of video/reviews/post's you wanna see on my wonderful blog!:) 
Can't wait to hear from you guys!


Weekend Wrap-Up

12:00 AM

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  • This weekend started with the midnight showing of "The Avengers' with friends
  • Friday I spend most of the day at home being lazy and studying for finals. Oh and watching Pride and Prejudice of course ;) 
  • Went to lunch with a friend at the best place on earth on Saturday :) 
  • Saw "The Avengers" AGAIN, but this time with momma and her crazy (but fun) friend.
  • Sunday was spent yet again studying for finals and watching NASCAR.
As you can tell finals are NOW upon me. 
So please forgive me dear readers as I wont be able to post till Thursday at the latest.

Have a great week!