Weekend WrapUP

1:40 PM

Got my hair did. Its about 2inches shorter now. Nice and light for the summer :D

Finished "Never Ending Sky" by Veronica Rossi. AMAZING book. Will have to review it soon.

 Spent Saturday morning hooking up the Wii to my TV upstairs so I could watch Netflix, and then spent the REST of Saturday afternoon just watching stuff on netflix. Yup.

Sunday was rainy and dreary so I spent time inside relaxing, eating hummas and enjoying an ice coffee I picked up from DD. And of course watching Netflix.

Then the bestie spent the night and it was filled with laughing, ice cream, and movie watching.

Then Memorial day the bestie and I spent a mjority of the day in my bedroom watching movies an piggin out before the BBQ ;) Cause thats how we roll. 
Photobucket Photobucket

I hope you guys had a great weekend! I sure did! 


  1. i remember reading your tweets about watching Vampire Diaries and doing your nails. it sounded like an awesome afternoon to me!


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