Insurgent - Book Review

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this post contains spoilers.

If there is a new book out and I get my little hands on it,

I say IF because I am cheep and get books from the library and sometime my library is slow on the times and takes a couple days to get a new book... hence why I took me so long to read Insurgent....
I still love my library nevertheless :)

it usually only takes me about a day to finishes it.
However, that was not the case for Insurgent. But for good reasons.
I literary spent 3 days working on this book because I WANTED IT TO LAST!
That hardly EVER happens, the last time that happened was with "The Fault in our Stars" which took me a couple days to read.

I literally think I need to make a vlog about my feelings about this book but I don't have the time till this weekend so i'm going to try my best to write about it the best I can.

First off, I am one of those "If its a boring paragraph, i'm going to skip it" type of people when I read.

Its horrible I know. 
Reading Insurgent, I COULD NOT do that. If you skip a paragraph, you miss details, trust me I know. Numerous times I tried and had to go back and read the paragraph I skipped cause I got lost.
Which is SO GREAT, I love books that force me to read every single word!
That's great writing right there!

Second, I am SOOO HAPPY that Tris and Tobias relationship survived this book. The strain in their relationship in this book crushed my little fan girl heart sometimes. I HATE more than anything when a book ends with a relationship that is torn apart and you don't know if they end up together.
I HATE THAT with a passion.
But THANK YOU Veronica Roth, for doing such an amazing job and saving my heart the heartbreak of Tris and Tobais hating each other at the end of Insurgent. THANK YOU!

And lets take a moment to talk about Tobais. This book showed how deep his character is and how beautiful Veronica Roth developed his character. I haven't seen this great of a character development in a guy since Peeta in "Catching Fire".
(with that said, Veronica Roth, PLEASE don't pull a Suzanne Collins and do something to Tobais like SC did with Peeta in Mockingjay, I know it all turned out ok but I don't know if I could take it *knocks on wood* )

Toward the end of the book when Tris is captured and Tobias has to watch her get tortured, my heart BROKE!
I was babysitting when I got to that part and THANK God the girls I was watching were asleep because I was on the verge of tears reading about Tris getting tortured. It was SO hard to read.


Veronica Roth, you are one amazing writer! To have SO many characters, with so many different personality, and then you have such a complex plot yet your book is still amazing blows my mind!
And thank you for writing such great books that I can recommend without having to say anything negative about them :D

If you haven't read Insurgent OR Divergent for that matter. Read it now! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, so good!

BTW if you want another great review of Insurgent, check out my friend Cassidy's :D We have the same thoughts about it (especially around minuet 6.25)


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