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The 365 Most Important Bible Passages for You

Daily Readings and Meditations on Experiencing God's Richest Blessings in Your Life 
 By Jonathan Rogers


 This year-long devotional is both unique and simple by targeting the general reader, both men and women. Features include:

--A comprehensive overview and accompanying meditation for each passage;

--Daily encouraging and engaging scriptures that focus on the Bible passages that reveal the divine character of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; and

--Insightful comments and applications to daily life.

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My Review
To be 100% honest. I have MAJOR A.D.D when it comes to bible time. I don't know what it is but at night my mind is racing 100miles minuet and its hard to focus. So i'm always looking for a devotional that is easy, light and "bible full" for my bible time. This book is exactly that. It keeps me interested, fed, and encouraged in the word of God while also not being long, boring and making me lose my attention.
If your like me and need something to encourage you but not bore you. This book it for you!
*I was sent this book by Hachette Book in exchange for a review and the ideas and comments are 100% all mine.*


  1. I tell you what. I AM ADD- I have been diagnosed recently- and quiet time like that, with devotions is SO hard... I can't focus that long... I can never get past Kings when I try and read the Bible all the way through either! ARGH! SO FRUSTRATING! I think I may actually try this book... :) Thanks.

  2. Good suggestion! I'm totally ADD when it comes to focusing during devotions/journal/etc. I literally have to get away, set aside time, (usually at a coffee shop). xoxo


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