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12:00 AM

When I first thought of interviewing blog friends to celebrate my blogiversary Miss.Kinsey, author of the SoulBacon blog, was the FIRST person i knew I wanted to interview and who i knew would be more then willing to participate ;)

She is sweet as a Georgia peach, coincidentally enough, she is from Georgia :) I've adored reading her blog and tweeting back and forth about our celeb boy crushes with her :)

Now for the fun part! The interview!

Me : Most obvious question is always first. Why did you start blogging?
Kinsey : I started blogging after I moved 2500 miles away from my extended family and I wanted a way to involve them in my life besides just phone calls. <3

Me : Is there a blog in particular that inspires you or you read the most?
(and you don’t have to saymine ;) )
Kinsey : Ah, I am definitely going to go with Danielle H's blog, Sometimes Sweet. I just love her and her blog. I read, love, and soak up everything she writes. She is such a happy/positive sweetheart. And, I adore her stunning tattoos. <3

Me : Favorite Font??
Kinsey : I adore Bittersweet NF. It's easy to read, classy, and just altogether fabulous.

Me : One word you use the most in your blog post’s?
Kinsey : Gravy. I refer to everything as "Gravy". haha! =]

Random questions!!!

Me : Given the choice would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Kinsey : Sky diving!! For sure. If I jump down from a high place I want to fly down.. not be jerked back up. ;]

Me : Is the glass half empty or half full?
Kinsey: Half full! Life is hard but there is always something to be happy about. You just have to look for it. <3

Me : If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Kinsey : Um.. wow! For the rest of my life? I am going to go with my all time favorite movie, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It's kooky, funny, weird, and happy. Love it!

Me :Who’s your favorite actor and actress (it can be more than one)?
Kinsey : [I had to go with two people for each category. hehe!]
Nicolas Cage, Shia LaBeouf & Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox. Love 'em!

Me : Do you have a favorite sports athlete?
Kinsey : I'm not too much into sports but I do like The Colts, so Im'a go with Peyton Manning! =)

Me : What Type of music do you like most?
Kinsey :Alternative Rock! [Example: Maroon5, my favorite band ever.]

Me : What’s your dream car?
Kinsey : '73 Dodge Charger, painted black with flames running down the side and named Westen. <3<3

Me: Who’s your dream date??
Kinsey : Michael Cera! He is such a sweetheart and respectful. I adore him!

Me: Favorite type of food (or foods )?
Kinsey : Chinese. Hands down the best food eva!!

Me : And lastly list 3 random facts about you that we’d never guess or think of?
I actually have 2 nephews, one of which I have met three times and the other I have never met. I would love to have them in my life, but I don't.
♥ I am neither a night owl nor a morning person. I just LOVE to sleep. haha!
♥ I have seen Kung Fu Panda 6 times because the little boy I babysit regularly apparently loves that movie. Yeah, gee thanks kid! Now I do too. haha!

Isn't she adorb!
Be sure to check out ALL her fun happenings on her blog by clicking her cute button below!


  1. cute! love it! :)

  2. Aw thanks so much for interviewing me! I feel so honored. ^.^ ♥♥♥ xo.

  3. So fun :) I love her and her blog, she is such a sweetheart.

  4. Kinsey rocks! I love her blog! :)

  5. Cute! Love this interview and Kinsey!

  6. She is so awesome. :) I love her! Your blog is greattoo. :)


  7. aw! i just love kinsey french!♥


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