Blog friend interview #2 - MandiiMae

12:00 AM

MandiiMae ... 4 words to describe her is CUTE as a button!
She was one of my VARY first Simply Samantha readers and I've absolutely adored getting to know her! She is also a great up and coming photographer to boot!


And now for the fun interview :)

Me: Most obvious question is always first. Why did you start blogging?
Mandie: I started blogging in summer 2008 about the most random things: movie reviews, theology, book reviews. Once I started really devoting myself to photography I began my current blog, mandiimae.


Me: Is there a blog in particular that inspires you or you read the most? (and you don’t have to say
mine ;) )
Mandii: I definitely love reading Samantha's blog but if I had to pick one favorite it would be jenloveskev. I could read Jen's blog all day long. It's like reading her personal diary and I love that.

Me:Favorite Font??
Mandii: Gisha.

Me: One word you use the most in your blog post’s?
Mandii: I. I talk about myself a lot. ;) I'm trying to get away from writing and just let my photographs speak for themselves.


Now for the FUN QUESTIONS!

Me: Given the choice would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Mandii: Hmm. Bungee jumping. I don't know why.

Me: Is the glass half empty or half full?
Mandii: If you just filled it then it's half full. If you just emptied it it is half empty. Ha!

Me: If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dan In Real Life. :)

Me: Who’s your favorite actor and actress (it can be more than one)?
Mandii: This is really hard for me! I can't put my finger on anyone...I do have least favorite actors/actresses though: Kristen Stewart, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage. Yup.

Me: Do you have a favorite sports athlete?
Mandii: Nope!

Me:What Type of music do you like most?
Mandii: I like to listen to this Indie/Alternative rock college station in my town. I also love the piano. I'm trying to teach myself but it's been tough during the school year.

Me: What’s your dream car?
Mandii : Toyota Tacoma all the way! I do love my old 1985 Toyota Camry though. It's a trooper.

Me: Who’s your dream date??
Mandii: I swoon over James Franco, but I have to say any guy with a good personality is a dream of a date. :)

Me: Favorite type of food (or foods )?
Mandii : Salads! Love 'em. Dark chocolate. Smoothies. Makes me sound super healthy. I'm not.

Me : And lastly list 3 random facts about you that we’d never guess or think of

I cannot do ANY work if my room is not clean! Drives me crazy.
I LOVE singing. I've been in choir since freshman year of high school.
I own a sheep! Don't ask me why.


Thanks SO much Mandii for being such a loyal reading and a good friend!
And, James Franco would be my dream date too! :)

Be sure to check out Miss.Mandii here on her blog!


  1. I love reading these interviews! A great idea for celebrating your first blogaverary:)

  2. I'm loving reading these interviews Samantha! Such a fun idea! =D

  3. ooooh james franco! HIGH FIVE!!!
    and i agree, her photography is amazing.

  4. James Franco is might, mighty fine!! =) haha! xo.

  5. James Franco makes me swoon too! :)

  6. thanks for featuring me, samantha! this was my first interview for blogging. :) God bless! Happy blogiversary! :)))


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