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Happy Blogiversary to me!


Its official! Its been exactly 2 years since I've started this blog, and about a year since I became fully committed to blogging itself.

I wanna thank everyone who has followed me over this past year or so. Your comments make me smile and keep me going!

Here is to another year and many more years to come of bloging and getting to know you wonderful people!

Now, Let me tell you how I plan to celebrate here on the interweb!

First off below is some of my favorite post over the past couple of years that I hope you take the chance to check out :) There's a lot but I narrowed them down to a few :)

Second, throughout the next week I'm going to be intruducing you to some of my dear blog friends who have been faithful readers of the "Simply Samantha" blog!

Over the weekend I plan on filming my Q&A video so make sure to send in your questions by clicking the Q&A tab above!

And lastly but not leastly.. is that a word?? ;) .... at the end of the weeks celebration i'm going to be hosting a giveaway from 2 of my dear blog friends!

Stay tuned!!!


  1. happy anniversary Samantha's blogg!!!

    P.s. oh, dear, is it just my computer? i'm sorry, dove but i can't read your post clearly... i think the whole body width is too the left side is cut... ♥

  2. Happy anniversary!!! :D

    Oh wow, I'm hanging around on your blog forever. I can remember all of the posts you shared here...

  3. happy blog-sary! more power on your blog samantha!

  4. ♥Happy B-day!!♥

  5. Happy anniversary to your fabulous blog!! <3<3 xo.

  6. Happy anniversary to your amazing blog!!!! :D

    I remember all of those post except for the first four. Guess that means I've been following for a while! I've kinda lost track... lol.
    Love your blog. Keep on posting :D


  7. Happy blogiverary! I can't wait until mine is that old! :]

    xx shabby


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