Oh boys...

10:27 AM

As some of you may know, I am now a part time nanny.
It was such a God thing because when we decided to stay here in FL not a week later did I get the job! Christ just blows my minds sometimes.

Anywho, now that I have this job, I have some funny stories. Because who dosen't have funny stories when they are watching an 8 year old boy! ;)

So, yesterday I took him to the library. On the way over he told me over and over he wouldn't be getting a book and that he was only going because I had to drop of my sappy romance book and pick up another one.

So he went in with me, followed me around as I searched for my book. Then I told him
"Lets go look for a book for you"
And of course he persisted. "I'm not going to get one"
And I replied "Well, we are going to look anyway."

So, as I was looking I found this book. I called him over, he looked at it and started to laugh.


Its true, anything with a potty reference in a title. Boys will read :)


  1. haha! Cute story and cute book!! =]


  2. Hahaha love the post. Congratulations on your new job. Isn't our God so comforting? :)
    P.S. Florida is pretty awesome. I think you'll find it quite quaint. :)

  3. it's SO true. haha. PTL you got a job! love the way His plans work out in the end. :)


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