Looking Foward

12:00 AM

I'm looking forward to decorating my room in our new house. We still have some major stuff to do before we can get around to my room but thats ok, its gives me more time to droll over stuff i want for my new room :)

Of course, all i look at is IKEA stuff :)

Doesn't this remind you of the chair from "Blues Clues"? ;D


  1. Haha, we have this chair! :D I love it!
    IKEA is the best place to buy furniture.

  2. haha! i suddenly wanna watch ♥Blues Clues!♥ And yes, that chair is adorable.

  3. Blues Clues was like my favorite show when I was a little kid. haha! Cute chair. ♥


  4. Cute stuff!! Love the bed especially. :)


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