The Trip

5:05 PM

Our annual visit to our original home, Maryland, came a little earlier this year. We usually go round Thanksgiving, but as a gift for my sisters graduation, my mom drove me and her up to hang with friends this past week :)

As you can see below. My mom can be quiet entertaining after 8 hours of driving.

(and yes I was secret taping ;) )

So many fun memories including the fair, town parade, laser tag, shopping, go carts, and lots of hugs and laugh.

Mario Cart is always a must at my friend house. Some of us get into it more then other's.


I miss going to the Carnival in MD. Cause you don't have to worry about the humidity! Always a plus for a FL gal.


Loved the parade. Our friends had the best car in the parade!


Laser tag and go carts are much more fun with my cousin and my friends :)


Got some really cool shots on the last night with my cousins.


Group pictures!


I love my MD Family and Friends to death! Couldn't imagine my life without them :)

Annnd if you didn't get to see the video below before.... Check it out again... My friends are pretty talented!


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  1. that video of your mom is hilarious! I could see my mom doing the same. Glad you had a great time!


    p.s. be sure to enter my giveaway when you get the chance :)

  2. Cool post!

    Its so awesome discovering fellow Christian teens in the blogging world! :)

    I am gonna follow for sure...

    come visit at

    hope to see ya there! :)

    LOVE, makay

  3. Looks like you have a very fun family. Your mom is awesome! lol :)

  4. That video looks like my dad when he is driving....:)

    Looks like and amazingly fun trip.


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