Review - Kaia Naturals Facial Cloths

1:14 PM

Before I left for vacation I got some wonderful samples from the great company Kaia Naturals.

They sent me some of their Bamboo Facial Cleansing cloths. Which i have fell in LOVE with. The cloths are amazing. Just one cleans your whole face and takes all you make-up off. And it doesn't hurt your face while cleansing.

They are so small and compact and what's even better. They are biodegradable... So when I throw them away I KNOW they aren't going to be flying around a landfill.

Below is a video about the fonder and the company. Then my review is right below it :)

Update- After talking to a wonderful lady at Kaia Naturals. They told me that they don't recommend reusing the cloths.It is a one time use product that you dispose of, that will be biodegrade whether thrown it in the waste basket or compositor.

You can check out Kaia Naturals GREAT product @


  1. Ooooo thank you for the review. Sounds delightful.


    p.s. I am having a little giveaway on my blog right now. Check it out if you get the chance :)


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