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Friday Favorites

11:18 AM

1) My newest additions to my bedroom wall. I'm in LOVE with my dry erase bored. I'm a note person so I love being able to write notes on there and not worry about wasting paper!


2) The new PSA add for Stand Up to Cancer

3) Taylor Swifts new single "Mine" Its an amazingly cute song. Such a Taylor Swift song.


4) Charlie St Cloud - If you follow me on twitter you probably know that i LOVED this movie.... If not...I LOVED Charlie St Cloud. Just saw it yesterday and I can't stop raving about how much I loved the movie!
If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT.
Zac Efron doesn't disappoint. But when does he ;)


Don't forget to send in some questions for the next Q&A. I wanna do one soon but i need some more questions :)

Also keep a look out cause in the next couple days or so I'm going to be doing a back to school giveaway :D with some REALLY cool products for school!

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  1. Love the picture!! Omgoodness I LOVE Taylor's new single, I cant wait to get it. And the Charlie St. Cloud movie looks awesome, I must see it. :)


  2. Hey samantha, thanks for praying for my mom. (:

    I love love love your picture of the Eiffel Tower. Looks like something I would have in my room. (:

    Have a great Saturday!


  3. loved this post!
    i adore taylor swift. ADORE. and i love her new single...can't wait until her new album comes out!

  4. I LOVE the poster! Looks great...and should match your other posters.

    Oh, I like the white board...might have to steal that idea:)


  5. love the eifel tower picture<3


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