January 2010 - Simply Samantha

I made God Laugh

10:40 AM

Ever had that day when you do something and you know Gods looking down on your laughing? IN a good way of course. I like to make God laugh, but if it involves a little pain, I'll pass.

As I was opening my bedroom door yesterday I injured myself. HOW? you ask... Well i really don't remember how i did it. I just opened it a little to quick and hit myself in the face. Hard.

Ok I know its going to sound weird but I would like to have a film crew follow me around for a week so I can see how many pathetic things I do in a day. Such as trip, fall, and hit myself on accident. Yesterdays was one of those day I wished someone was there to see it or at least film it.

I now have a lovely little blue mark on my left cheek from the incident.

I can see God looking down going " Thats MY girl"! ... then breaking out laughing....



5:12 PM

Happy MLK day everybody :) If your a homeschool like me you probably didn't have the day off :) anyway, so in my last post I told you'all to stay tuned cause I was going to be writing about one of my favorite subjects. NASCAR! ( yes I'm going to talk about NASCAR on MLK day, polar opposites right?!, well, its my blog and i can write what i want :) )

So about a month or so before the actual Daytona 500 there is a fan fest at the Daytona Speedway called. Pre-Season Thunder. My friend found out last July that I have never been and so for months she and I have been planning to go. So Friday came around and I couldn't wait for co-op to be over so i could have a "girls night out" with my friend that included our favorite sport NASCAR ;)

Man was it a blast, we saw so many drivers including Joey Logano ( who i've talked about before here). What do you do at pre-season thunder you ask? Well Its really all about the drivers and fans, you can get whatever you want signed or autographed by your favorite drivers.
Here is the list of drivers that we saw

  • Mark Martin
  • Matt Kenseth
  • Dale Earnheart Jr
  • Jeff Gorden
  • Ryan Newman
  • Aj Allmendinger
  • Joey Logano
  • Paul menard
  • Rutledge wood (who really isn't a driver but a funny and VERY nice guy from the Speed Channel)
So, PICTURE TIME :) ( oh and i will try to describe each picture also :)

Waiting... for... ( see next picture)

For these guys ( ok i was mostly waiting for Joey (in white)) Joey Logano and Jeff Gorden :)


Ok, so after we saw Joey and Jeff get out of the car, we wondered around ( cause this year you had to have a "reserved ticket" to get drivers autographs and my friend was only able to get Matt K. ) for a little while, and my friend finally looked at me and said 'Samantha, admit it, you want to see him, lets go!" so we walked over and was able to get some cute shoots of him signing autographs :)

(sorry there kind of blurry, i have a flash phobia lol)

We also stopped to see Jeff ( funny story, I called Jeff Gorden old one time and my mom look at me and said "him and I are the same age"... oops my bad.. lol )

Ok, after walking around some more, we realized we could stand behind the Speed Stage where they were doing interviews and when they got done they would come by and sign more autographs. So my friend and I waited patiently and sure enough Joey walk over and signed autographs for a handful of us standing around.
BUT that's not the best part, After signing my poster and working his way down the line, he walked back to me and ask if i had anything else i wanted signed. So I looked around and at my friend then said "You could sign my cell phone!" He grinned and said "Sure!" he also signed my friends trading card she had been holding out for the past 2 minuets. Needless to say Joey is the sweetest, nicest ( and cutest) guy. Carl Edwards and Joey Logano are now my favorite drivers. ( with Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newmen, Kasey Kahne in 2nd 3rd and 4th)

If you ever go to a race and see this guy (Rutledge Wood), go talk to him. He is the NICEST COOLEST GUY EVER. (and he's got some pretty cool shoes). He LOVE NASCAR and its fans and made my first pre-season thunder experience the best ;)


Ok, I know I've probably bored you non-NASCAR watchers to death, but hey, I LOVE NASCAR. I was raised watching it and its something I have fun watching and going 2. Its one of the things my dad and I have fun talking about ( besides the draft and football). Its the special thing I will remember talking and doing with my dad. Some girls do daddy daughter dates, I sit on the couch on a Sunday afternoon and watch NASCAR with my dad.
Gods blessed me with a great friend who i can talk non-stop about NASCAR with and i wouldn't miss a 'girls night out" with her any-day.

Hopefully this wont be my last post. Practices are coming up and hopefully I'll get to go and see Carl, Denny, and hopefully Joey again :)


1:30 PM

About a month ago I won these amazingly cute ear-buds from Miss.Violet who has the cutest blog and amazingly unique sense of style.


I got them about 2 days ago and absolutely LOVE THEM. Thanks Violet :)

Stay tuned cause in the next couple of days or so i'll (hopefully) get to blog about my fun Pre-Season thunder experience at the Daytona Speedway with my friend :)


1:06 PM

If you follow me on twitter you probably saw i was LOLing at my Florida friends on Facebook cause they were posting pictures of "snow". Truthfully it wasn't snow, me and a fellow northerner agreed that it was more like "frozen rain". Now don't get me wrong, i thought i was cool we had something different then just rain, but i wouldn't call it snow :) LOL




10:47 AM

Really... this just doesn't seem right.... being done with school by 10:30am... now that's just wrong..

Maybe i just have high expectations. Who knows. but for the past 3 days I've been finishing school SUPER early. And truthfully i should be thankful. But, I'm more annoyed that I don't have enough work to do. I'm a junior.. I should have MUCH more work then this. Now i know in like a week or so I will have more school cause i start a class at the community college. But till then I'm stuck with no books to read, and an ipod that's broke ( new one is on the way). So i just sit around and do nothing. I could go walk my dog but i have a fear of walking by myself sometimes ( seeing that people tend to turn down our drive way a lot, mostly cause they're lost, or think this is a road to the dog park down the road, which it isn't. )

So, your probably wondering why I'm writing about this. It has no point. Which i know it does. You see, i have nothing to do..lol.. but write about something that has no point..:)

Don't worry, I'm not completely helpless, I'll find something productive to do :)


1:25 PM

We have SUCCESS!! lol, we all were in shock when we walked into my parents bedroom to see this!

YAY, he does get the concept. Oh and if you don't know what I'm talking about read my past blog post here.
We always say Jaxson is a prime example of a God with a amazing sense of humor :)
And HE does, i mean, we were kind of sad Christmas morning cause it was the first Christmas without our beloved spankie. As we were getting ready to start opening gifts I was getting a tad teary eyed, and like on cue this is what Jaxson looked like as he walked up and looked at me :)

He is weird, but he's quiet the blessing in disguises:)