I made God Laugh

10:40 AM

Ever had that day when you do something and you know Gods looking down on your laughing? IN a good way of course. I like to make God laugh, but if it involves a little pain, I'll pass.

As I was opening my bedroom door yesterday I injured myself. HOW? you ask... Well i really don't remember how i did it. I just opened it a little to quick and hit myself in the face. Hard.

Ok I know its going to sound weird but I would like to have a film crew follow me around for a week so I can see how many pathetic things I do in a day. Such as trip, fall, and hit myself on accident. Yesterdays was one of those day I wished someone was there to see it or at least film it.

I now have a lovely little blue mark on my left cheek from the incident.

I can see God looking down going " Thats MY girl"! ... then breaking out laughing....


  1. Aw!! Glad that you're okay at least, besides a blue mark. haha I know someone like that. Actually 2 of my friends have accidents ALL the time! lol Have a blessed day!!

  2. Ha! You sound like me always tripping! Pa was teasing me the other day that they should have named me "Grace"☺ Isn't it great that we can laugh right along with God?



  3. Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you if you made your background?

  4. Hahaha. Reminds me of last year in my Algebra I class our teacher stated, "I know God has a sense of humor because he created YOU!" referring to a student! :)

    Good times, good times.


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