10:47 AM

Really... this just doesn't seem right.... being done with school by 10:30am... now that's just wrong..

Maybe i just have high expectations. Who knows. but for the past 3 days I've been finishing school SUPER early. And truthfully i should be thankful. But, I'm more annoyed that I don't have enough work to do. I'm a junior.. I should have MUCH more work then this. Now i know in like a week or so I will have more school cause i start a class at the community college. But till then I'm stuck with no books to read, and an ipod that's broke ( new one is on the way). So i just sit around and do nothing. I could go walk my dog but i have a fear of walking by myself sometimes ( seeing that people tend to turn down our drive way a lot, mostly cause they're lost, or think this is a road to the dog park down the road, which it isn't. )

So, your probably wondering why I'm writing about this. It has no point. Which i know it does. You see, i have nothing to do..lol.. but write about something that has no point..:)

Don't worry, I'm not completely helpless, I'll find something productive to do :)


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