7:36 PM

We have had an injury in our family. And its not me, even though I do most of the injuring in the family.
This has to do with our baby, well our youngest dogie.
Yesterday morning he came limping ( more like hoping) to the back door. He wasn't putting any weight on his back right paw.

Here is what we think happened.
Our neighbors cat was on the other side of our dogs electric fence line. That had our dogs barking like crazy. Well our youngest puppy Jaxson, likes to do, what we call, burnouts in the grass. In other words he kicks the grass with his back feet ( if that makes sense ;) ). We think he pulled or sprained his leg while doing his "burnouts".

He's doing ok, still limping around. At least if we ever had to have his leg amputates we know he would have no problem running around with out one leg :) just kidding :)
We think that he could put his foot down if he wanted to. But I think that he's just working the leg injury ;)


  1. I sure hope he gets better soon! Injured animals are so pitiful :(

    Blessings and hugs to you!


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