Does it really need a title

12:47 PM


Seriously, this post doesn't really need a title.
I'm actually sitting on my butt and I'm going to write. I so need too. I feel so bad when I don't then I find myself facebooking and tweeting more then i should be blogging.
Truthfully, my life isn't that exciting, at the moment.
October is creeping up on me. Its the month of my PSAT and sister birthday.
I really need to get her a gift. I reminded myself that when I was getting ready to by a shirt at Kohls ;) ( see above photo). I reminded my self that again when I was looking up webcames and dresses for homecoming ( even though that's almost a month away).
I'm actually excited that her birthday is coming up because one of our friends is flying down for her birthday :) She really excited. Plus were going to DISNEY WORLD :)
Though I try to forget that on that day I'll be taking the PSAT's . Oh joy. But I really need to take them. I'm not worried about it really, its just the math part that I'm going to STINK at. Because we worked it out that I doing Algebra 1 this year, as a junior. SO some of the math stuff i haven't done yet. I keep telling my self that I want to major in HISTORY not MATH... lol
So that's my exciting life ;)

oh, and this wreck at yesterdays Dover race totally freaked me out, scared me half to death and left me with a sickening ( is that even a word) feeling in my stomach. I know sounds weird. I told my NASCAR buddie ( my friend :) ) jokingly that it must have been sympathy pains since the driver of the car that flips only 2 years older then me ;) Thank GOD he was ok :)


  1. Hey Samantha!

    Glad to see you and you are right, you don't need a title! lol

    I'm sorry I haven't been around...had a really yucky week with not feeling good with migraines and heart issues. Today is a good day though and I'm glad :)

    I only have 50 blog responses to answer! lol

    It's amazing to see how those Nascar cars can get so beat up like that and the driver can walk away. Have you ever been to a race? We usually go to one of the Daytona races once a year. I love to go in person but for the life of me I can't watch those things on the tv (i know, i know) lol

    Hope you have a blessed week, sweet one and don't worry about the psat test. I'll be praying for you and you probably know more than you give yourself credit for.


  2. Disney world? fun! :)

    And OH. MY. GOODNESS. That Logano wreck scared me to death too! I'm glad he's okay that was brutal! What a wreck!

  3. Disney World? FUN FUN!!!!!
    That wreck was craziness!!!! Wow. I can't believe he climb out of that car, you'd think he be hurt... wow.


  4. Fun picture! I like how vibrant your photography is.

    If I were you I wouldn't worry about the test. I mean, I probably WOULD be worrying- although I'd tell myself it wouldn't do any good to worry;)
    (If that makes any sense at all!)

    And I can relate with you about the history/math thing. Old stories are so much more interesting than, well- problems!

    Anyway, hope you have a good week,



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