March 2009 - Simply Samantha

Monday moments

1:02 PM

Ah, the joys of having a pool.
Our church doesn't own a baptism pool so for the past couple of years they've been doing them in our assistant pastors pool. But this time MY FAMILY, got to hold the baptism in our own pool. It was so cool, especially since my BF Kyndall got baptized! I was so happy for her and is so excited to see what God does in her life.


They may look comfortable, but the pool was only about 70 degrees! brrr....

Photogenic Friend

2:59 PM

My friends, well, most of them aren't photogenic. Don't get my wrong, I think my friends are great but I've seen them get seriously mad at me when I'm constantly taking pictures. LOL
But, I have one Blessed friends that is SO photogenic, and we have so much fun just taking pictures of each other. I love her to death :)

And a random photo-shoot would'nt be complete without a web-cam picture

New Neighbors

8:28 PM

We have some new neighbors, the 4 legged kind. There so cute and so small! I grew up on a farm so seeing these across the yard brings back some memories and just make me smile ;)

Sorry some of theses are blurry, i had goats reaching for my hand trying to get a

Ever have...

3:23 PM

Ever have those moments, when you feel Christ slaps you against the head and your like "HELLO! , why have i not noticed this before".
I had one of those moments last night. One of my dear friends attends a collage in Jacksonville. Her collages main ministry is to go to different churches and preform skits and a message. It is AWESOME. Well, there whole message was about chaos in you life. Stuff keeping you from Christ. And one of the skits hit hard for me. It was a girl. She was Miss.Purity, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, saving herself for marriage and yet behind closed doors were her friends couldn't see her, she was watching stuff that wasn't pure.
I felt like Christ hit me in the head and said " This is you, but I can help you not be this way." And it was true, i am Miss.purity but behind closed doors, what i watch and listen too sometimes is not pure , or pleasing to my Lord. I've been wondering where my fire for Christ has gone. And I knew It was all covered by 2 of the shows I watched that seemed to take over my afternoon, when I could be helping my mom, or being more productive with my time, or reading a book or the Bible.
This morning i read Mark 5:40 where Jesus heals the young girl. He says~
"She is not dead, but asleep, Awaken child".
Not only did I feel like that girl in the skit but this girl in the bible. I wasn't dead, but just asleep from my Lord. And I needed him to wake me up and put His fire in my life again. And trust me I can feel it now that He has awaken me, I can see opportunities He is already giving me to share His Love and the Fire he puts into my heart.
I look at the clock right now, and this time yesterday and the day after I was on my butt watching a show that was not pure, and right now, i don't even want to turn on the T.V. PTL (Praise the Lord). I surrendered it all to Him! And does it feel good!

One of the things I would like to do next is get a purity ring to remind me of my purity and this experience I've gone through. I'm hoping I will win this over at my dear friends Amanda's blog. She's been blogging for 3yr! wow! she is such a sweetie and a true Gods girl:)
Stop by her blog and check out her giveaway!


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About me

1:33 PM

Hi there!

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My husband and I live in the lovely south in the sunniest state in America. He is a true born Floridian and I am a Maryland born Floridian. Together we live happily ever after.

I blog pretty much about anything. In the blog lingo I don't really have a "niche". I write about whatever my little fingers type out. Which also included my cooking adventures and being gluten free.

I am fully Gluten Free but not by choice. I self-diagnosed myself about two and a half years ago after many doctors appointments trying to figure out why I was getting sick when I ate food and my rapid weight loss.
I am now a lot happier and love finding new ways to cook, eat, and enjoy food in this Gluten filled world.

Some fun fact's about myself:
I am a pro at the Gator Chomp.
Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie to watch on a rainy day (followed by Tangled),
I read to escape reality sometimes,
I love music that can be danced to,
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