Ever have...

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Ever have those moments, when you feel Christ slaps you against the head and your like "HELLO! , why have i not noticed this before".
I had one of those moments last night. One of my dear friends attends a collage in Jacksonville. Her collages main ministry is to go to different churches and preform skits and a message. It is AWESOME. Well, there whole message was about chaos in you life. Stuff keeping you from Christ. And one of the skits hit hard for me. It was a girl. She was Miss.Purity, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, saving herself for marriage and yet behind closed doors were her friends couldn't see her, she was watching stuff that wasn't pure.
I felt like Christ hit me in the head and said " This is you, but I can help you not be this way." And it was true, i am Miss.purity but behind closed doors, what i watch and listen too sometimes is not pure , or pleasing to my Lord. I've been wondering where my fire for Christ has gone. And I knew It was all covered by 2 of the shows I watched that seemed to take over my afternoon, when I could be helping my mom, or being more productive with my time, or reading a book or the Bible.
This morning i read Mark 5:40 where Jesus heals the young girl. He says~
"She is not dead, but asleep, Awaken child".
Not only did I feel like that girl in the skit but this girl in the bible. I wasn't dead, but just asleep from my Lord. And I needed him to wake me up and put His fire in my life again. And trust me I can feel it now that He has awaken me, I can see opportunities He is already giving me to share His Love and the Fire he puts into my heart.
I look at the clock right now, and this time yesterday and the day after I was on my butt watching a show that was not pure, and right now, i don't even want to turn on the T.V. PTL (Praise the Lord). I surrendered it all to Him! And does it feel good!

One of the things I would like to do next is get a purity ring to remind me of my purity and this experience I've gone through. I'm hoping I will win this over at my dear friends Amanda's blog. She's been blogging for 3yr! wow! she is such a sweetie and a true Gods girl:)
Stop by her blog and check out her giveaway!


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