About me

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Hi there!

It looks as if you have stumbled upon my blog! Whether you like it or not is your choice but I hope you enjoy it ;)

My name is Samantha. I'm a young women with a pretty normal life (well, I think its normal).

My husband and I live in the lovely south in the sunniest state in America. He is a true born Floridian and I am a Maryland born Floridian. Together we live happily ever after.

I blog pretty much about anything. In the blog lingo I don't really have a "niche". I write about whatever my little fingers type out. Which also included my cooking adventures and being gluten free.

I am fully Gluten Free but not by choice. I self-diagnosed myself about two and a half years ago after many doctors appointments trying to figure out why I was getting sick when I ate food and my rapid weight loss.
I am now a lot happier and love finding new ways to cook, eat, and enjoy food in this Gluten filled world.

Some fun fact's about myself:
I am a pro at the Gator Chomp.
Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie to watch on a rainy day (followed by Tangled),
I read to escape reality sometimes,
I love music that can be danced to,
My cowgirl boots are my go to shoes
I can be won over with Mike and Ike's,
and i have a slight obsession with chick fil a.

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Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you through this crazy blogging world!