LC & Minnie Mouse

8:00 AM

I wouldn't say I'm the most fashion savvy person out there. My job requires a lot of moving around and getting drooled and spit up on so being "fashionable" isn't my first priority.
HOWEVER, I love to find cute and fashionable things to wear on nights out with the hubster or days on the town with friends.

Last Saturday I didn't have many plans so I thought a little retail therapy was in order.
Especially since I really wanted to go check out Lauren Conrad's new Minnie Mouse Collection at Kohls.

While I was on a budget and buying the ENTIRE collection was not in the cards for that day, I wanted to try on some pieces so I could purchase them in the next couple of weeks.

Below are two of my favorite's.

I love me some navy blue. Add some polka-dots and I'm a happy camper. I love this sleeveless top. I'm a big fan of tops that don't require wearing a uncomfortable strapless/racer back bra's. I also love shirts that are light and airy, like this one, for the hot sticky florida summers.
(btw the blue polka-dot top on the wall next to me in this picture isn't part of the collection but it one of her other tops I found on clearance ;) ) 

This other sleeveless was my second favorite. I loved the cream color and the sweet little minnie mouse designs.
Thats what I love most about this whole collection is how brilliantly LC incorporate little things here and there on all her designs so that you can easily point out are inspired by Minnie Mouse. From the prints, style, color, and cut outs.
They also have this top in navy with cute minnie bows and grandmother was sweet enough to purchase it for me for an early birthday gift. 

You can hop on over to Kohls to check out the other cute and amazing clothes in the collection!

*and for full disclosure, Kohls/LC Lauren Conrad did NOT ask me to write this. 
This post is 100% my own and my own thoughts/opinions.


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