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Simply Samantha Organic Garden

This past weekend was the first weekend in a month that I haven't had anything planned for the entire weekend and I'm not complaining. It was nice knowing I had nowhere to go, nowhere to be, and nothing to do besides some house things.
One of those "house things' was planting my garden for a mid summer harvest. This will be my third try....I mean time.... planting a garden. I'm slowly learning what grows well and doesn't grow well. This time around I decided to focus on just two plants that I know have grown well, roma tomatoes and bush beans.

Organic Garden Helper
Organic Garden Helper
 Organic Garden Helper

Of course I use all organic methods in planting and raising my garden. From the fertilizer to the soil. Thankfully Lowes has been amazing at making sure they keep a great stock of organic soil and fertilizer. They also have a good line of sprays to keep the bugs away that are also organic.
Here is what I use in my Organic garden.
Organic Garden
if you are curious. the garden bed to the left is broccoli, cauliflower, and kale from my winter garden.
Here are some of the items I use in my organic garden:

Neem Oil Garden Safe (great natural pest killer)
Garden Safe Fungicide (helps keep the mold away)

It is hard to find tomato plants that are organic around my area. 
However, we have a local nursery and they do their best not spray anything horrible on them. 
It is easy to find organic bush bean seeds though. I found mine at Lowes.

Organic Garden

Are any of you planting a garden for a summer harvest?? 
Would love to hear what you are planting! 


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