Friday Favorites

9:15 AM

GroopDealz(recently renamed Eleventh Avenue):
I personlly want to thank Samantha from "The Samantha Show" for introducing me to this site. I am now fully addicted.

Side Note: I swear Samantha's have this hidden connection that makes us all relatable to each other. There are very few Samantha's that I've met that I haven't connected with in some way ;)Samanatha's rule!

 I've been looking for a site for a while now that offers great styles for REALLY decent prices and GroopDealz (Eleventh Avenue) is it. I just ordered 3 shirts from there for under $35. That to me is a steal! Now I am just crossing my fingers that they fit well and I got the right size. I always second guess my size when ordering online. They have more then just clothes though. Check them out!:

Wow Baking Company:
I saw these at target the other day and I was super intrigued. I'm always looking out for new and exciting Gluten Free products. I was not disappointed. They are the moistest GF cookies I have ever had! I might have to make a trip back to Target to get some more. My only complaint is that they are so good they are dangerous to my weight and my home lol I find myself just "grabbing one" at least once a day.
Wow Baking Company Gluten Free

My Pup:
I feel like he will always be my favorite. He is becoming more vocal with us. Which is good because now he knows how to tell us he needs to go outside but it also means he will tell us (and complain) when he puts his toy under the couch and its to far for him to reach. I put this up on my instagram the other night but I had to share it with you guys if you didn't get to see it.

Video Mar 10, 9 47 21 from Samantha on Vimeo.

Happy Weekend Friends!


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