Homemade Swiffer Wet Jet Solution

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Homemade Swiffer Wet-Jet Solution

See this cute little pup. He stood in front of my camera as if to say..
"I'm ready for my close up mom!"

Well, this cute little pup likes to play in the sand and dirt in our small and quaint backyard. He could spend all day outside if we let him. The only thing I hate about leaving him outside for long period of time is that he brings the outside in with him. He also is a messy drinker so he tends to leave water puddles all over the tile floor in our kitchen/dinning/ laundry room.

You can only do the towel shuffle so much before you have to mop. And I hate lugging the mop out and using non-natural cleaners on my floor.
The other day I decided to fix that problem by lugging out our old Swiffer Wet-Jet from the shed, put in some new batteries, and make my own Swiffer Wet Jet Solution.

HomeMade Swiffer Wet-Jet Solution

After searching pinterest for a little while. I found a way to get the cap off the swiffer wet-jet bottle.
Those swiffer people think they can keep us from refilling out bottles!

Nothing a little hot water and Macgyvering can't fix.
Click here to see the post I used to help get the cap off.
Here is the ingredients I used to make my solution:

2 cups of distilled white vinegar
2 cups of warm water

I also purchased some swiffer reusable pads off of amazon. They worked great and pick up dirt really well.

Swiffer Wet-Jet refil

Do you make your own cleaners?
 I've started just using water and vinegar as a multi-surface cleaner and it works wonders! 


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