Aura Cacia

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I discovered Aura Cacia on one of our trips to Whole Foods. I was looking for some type of lavender essential oil product that wasn't going to hurt my wallet. I saw their Lavender Oil Mist and thought it would be perfect for our pup Bruno.

Little did I know but I had just found one of my favorite essential oil brands. I know everyone has their preference and brand they like when it comes to essential oils but for this poor newlywed, Aura Cacia is perfect! It works great and is easy on the wallet.

If you are curious we use the lavender oil mist to help calm Bruno down when he is a little to rambunctious. 
It also helps keep the fleas off of him.

Aura Cacia Review
Aura Cacia was nice enough to send me some of their sweet smelling body products.
They know this Florida girl well and sent me the Patchouli/Sweet Orange smelling ones!
 I love them. 
The body cream is great for those days when your skin is dry and needs a little refreshment. The Sweet Orange essential oils makes you skin feel great and smell like you are sitting in an orange grove.
Aura Caia Review
The body polish is a great addition to your shower routine. My skin always feels so soft and smooth after I use the polish. It is also very gentle so it is great for somewhat sensitive skin like mine :)
Aura Cacia Review
I haven't gotten a chance to take a bath with the foam bath yet but I am all for a nice warm bath.

If you are looking for some great essential oil products that work well and don't cost much, I HIGHLY recommend Aura Cacia! I can't wait to use more of their products in the future!

*Disclosure* Aura Cacia sent me these products in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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