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As many of you know, I have 3 things that I shoot for when making dinner.


 Modern Table Meals
I received my first Modern Table Meals package in a gift bag from the Wow Summit a couple weeks ago. I was immediately interested because it was gluten free, healthy pasta, and seemed easy to make. After trying it, I knew I had found my new favorite "go to" for nights when we need a quick and healthy meal.
It only takes 15 minutes to make each Modern Table Meal!!
I was so excited when the lovely people at Modern Table Meals sent me the bag, pictured above, filled with more goodies for me to try out!

What are Modern Table Meals you may ask?
Modern Table Meals is a line of high protein and GMO free complete meal kits. Each kit includes pasta made from beans along with dried vegetables, sauce and seasoning to customize the flavor to your family’s tastes. 

  •         Teriyaki White Bean & Broccoli Noodles with Teriyaki Sauce & Sesame 5-Spice Sauce *not gluten free*
  • Mediterranean Green Lentil Rotini with Garlic Herb Sauce & Mediterranean Citrus Seasoning *gluten free*
  • Italian Red Lentil Penne with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce & Parmesan Herb Seasoning *gluten free*
  • Southwest Red Lentil Rotini with Roasted Tomato Sauce and Chili Lime Seasoning *gluten free*

I love the pasta's. Being gluten free I have become kind of picky with my pasta. I am not a fan of corn pasta. I think its not as beneficial as other GF pastas out there, and you run the risk of ugly GMO's in corn pasta.
I love the fact that Modern Table Meals use's lentils and beans for their pasta. I think it gives them so much more flavor and more nutrition.

Modern Table Meals

It is creamy, flavorful, and delicious. It also makes for good leftovers :)
Modern Table Meals

For my Vegetarian and Vegan friends, all four flavors are vegetarian.  Two flavors, Southwest Red Lentil Rotini and Teriyaki White Bean and Broccoli Noodles, are vegan.

Modern Table Meals can be found across the country! Use their handy Store Locator to find one close to you : :

If you are like me and find there are no stores close to you that sell Modern Table Meals, you can also order online!
 : :
Modern Table Meals

They will be launching in more stores in 2015 so be sure to check your local health food stores and the store locator on the Modern Table Meals website.

Guess What Readers.
Modern Table Meals wants to send you a wonderful kit filled with their wonderful meals!

For my Gluten Free Friends. Don't be scared to enter just because the Teriyaki isn't gluten free
 (for obvious reasons: Dang you SOY SAUCE), 
do what I did and share the love and give it to a gluten eating friend :) 

Just enter below! 
This contest ends on the 13th at 12am so enter soon! 
I'll announce the winner on the 15th so stay tuned!

PLEASE remember the comment below so I know you entered! 

Thanks to Modern Table Meals for sending me their wonderful products and for doing the giveaway!

*Disclosure: Modern Table Meals sent me these products in exchange for a review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.  


  1. There's no store near me so I would buy online. I would probably get the Italian kind :)

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  3. Great to hear that they come in gluten free variety as I predominately cook gluten free meals since my husband has gluten sensitivity. How are the noodles? Do they fall apart like most other gluten free pasta (although there are only few I have found that don't)? Would love to try Modern Table Meals with my family.

    1. The nooodles are amazing! I am very picky about my GF pastas and these are one of the bests!

  4. I absolutely love Modern Table Meals!
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  5. There aren't any stores nearby but I order the variety pack online!

  6. I would love them all. We have been doing all gmo free foods.Not only because they are Gmo , but the unnatural ingredients have messed up my body so bad. This type of food is the only thing I want to give my family anymore.The Teriaki sounds amazing.

    1. Dezaray, I am the same way. Being gluten free is hard enough but now I'm noticing even products that aren't GMO free is making my body feel just as bad.
      These products are great and I feel perfectly fine after eating the GF ones for sure :)

  7. I want to try the Italian! Would love to try this product!


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