Greater Devotional Review

8:00 AM

The Greater Devotional : by Steven Furtick

In Greater, Pastor Steven Furtick challenged us to dream bigger, start smaller, and ignite God’s vision for our lives. In this devotional designed for daily guidance, you’ll begin your journey toward the greater life God wants for you. 
Over the next forty days of teaching, scripture readings, and prayer, your life will change. You’ll find the confidence to believe that nothing is impossible with God, the clarity to see what He’s calling you toward, and the courage to take your next step.
Dream bigger. Start smaller. Ignite God’s vision for your life.

My Review: 
I thought I had lost this book days after I received it. I was relieved and thought it was rather funny that my husband had taken it( he's a big fan of Furtick's). So with that said, I only got to take a quick look at it since my husband was engrossed in it every morning. This is a great devotional. My husbands (and my) favorite part of this book is how compact it is. There is a lot of information and great advice put in every day's lessons. It's also quick and easy to do on busy mornings. Steven Furtick is a great preacher and writer and this is just another great book by him.
This would be a great christmas gift for anyone, especially husbands ;) 


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