12:00 AM

  • Thinking about how amazing God is. I mean. He made Spaghetti Squash. That should be something we should praise Him for often.
  • Anticipating Saturday. We have a date night coming up. I see Chipotle and Guardians of the Galaxy in our future. And maybe a stop at Ulta or Sephora if the husband allows ;)
  • Creeped out by this nerdy thing. Saw a spoiler to whats at the end of the credits to Guardians of the Galaxy and needless to say one specific character is creeping me out.
  • Watching this adorable video. I mean, when I have kids, I want a doctor like this.

  • Recovering from 6am gym session this week with the husband. I don't know how I do it. But I am not going to do it on a Friday morning.
  • Missing Coffee. I'm on some meds and can't have coffee or caffeine till Saturday. Its been a loooonnng week.

  • Wanting everything in Her Universe collection.

  • Wondering where my homemade salad dressing skills have gone. The last two that I have made have been less than tasteful. I need to practice more.
  • Wanting mushrooms all the time. I used to hate mushrooms, and I still cant eat them raw. But throw them in a little balsamic vinegar and you have me hooked. Look at these portabellas my mom made the other night! Click here. 
  • Thinking Chris Pratt is the funniest man on the planet right now. Just click here and watch this. 
  • Enjoying some yoga pants time. Sometimes you just need some time in your yoga pants.


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