Weekend WrapUP

11:54 AM

This weekend was a crazy one. Wasn't till Sunday afternoon did I get a chance to relax.

Friday was Momma/Daughter day. We even had doctor appointments at the same time.
(yes we are that "kind" of mother/daughter lol)
Anyway, after our individual Dr. appointments we headed to lunch at Etho's in Winter Park. I am my moms only companion when it comes to eating at hippy/vegan/organic places. Which I don't mind cause I also love those kind of places :D

I got the Fungus Among Us on a gluten free brown rice rap with blue corn tortilla chips and mango salsa.
OH EM GEEE guys. It was so amazing. The portabella was delish and I'm seriously considering switching over to veganaise (shhhh don't tell my husband ;) ). My only downside was the wrap didn't really hold up, which didn't really surprise me since it's very rare to find a GF wrap that does lol

 photo image-14-07-14-09-32_zps0597e066.jpg

After lunch we ventured over to the new Trader Joe's. I thought since it opened 2 weeks ago it wouldn't be that bad on a Friday at 12/1pm.
I was wrong.
It was insane. I don't understand why they would have such little parking for a place that would draw a lot of people to it.
I thought the store itself was cool and interesting. Definitely had a lot of organic produce which I was excited about. And, I about had a heart attack when I saw their organic popcorn was only $1.50 (or around that price).
Below is what I picked up in the madness.
(Props to my momma for driving me down there and going on the Trader Joes adventure with me :) )
 photo IMG_0824_zps96a978d4.jpg
LEFT TO RIGHT: Organic Spinach, Green Peppers, Ketchup, 2 bags of popcorn, Baby Carrots, Onions.

I am not sure if I would go there again. Just because finding parking was horrible and it kind of took away from the experience of shopping at the store. I did see they were putting a Shake Shack in the same shopping center . I LOVE shake shack. That will probably be the only reason I would ever consider going down there and battling the crazy parking lot like that again.

Saturday morning I was planning on being more productive to be honest. But I felt like poo most of the morning so I did little to nothing.
However, the hubster and I decided to take a little spontaneous day date trip to Orlando. First stoping at Jason's Deli for lunch and then we decided to brave Ikea on a Saturday, during tourist season.
 photo IMG_0829_zpsdd43e4b1.jpg photo IMG_0830_zps9246ea30.jpg
We managed ok. My husband pushing me through the maze that is Ikea and not letting me stop and browse like i normally do. Which of course led me to forgetting to stop and pick up some little things but thats ok. Now I have an excuse to go again lol.
 photo IMG_0831_zpsb63008e3.jpg

We came home and I spent the next 3ish hours putting together my desk and chair. I kept myself busy while putting it together by watching/listening to Emma. It wasn't to hard to put together. I just wasn't going to let a Swedish piece of furniture defeat me lol
 photo IMG_0838_zps22c21bc0.jpg

Now i have a new little home office to work in the mornings and the weekends when I need to get some work/school work done.

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend as well! 
Till next time readers! 


  1. :-) Great post!!
    And your mom sounds pretty awesome.. just sayin..


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