Friday Favorite's

8:00 AM

Annie's Bunny Cookies:
I found these in Target the other day and about fell over. It's been forever since I had anything like these little cookies. You know how hard it is to be a nanny and not be able to have some of those little chocolate and vanilla flavored cookies the child you offers you?? It's hard. I had about half the bag in about two days. I've eaten Annie Homemade product for years. Mom used to buy their Mac and Cheese in bulk when I was young and now I still buy the same products (just gluten free) for my husband and I.

 photo 10535013_739762216066591_207009366_n_zpsec9dadbb.jpg

House Colors:
After the summer I'm really hoping the hubster and I can splurge a little and get our house painted. I love our cute little house but I dont know why someone decided to paint it yellow with green trim. I'm thinking we are going to go with something like the picture below. What do ya'll think?

Shrimp Scampi:
If you haven't seen it already. Check out my recipe for Gluten Free Shrimp Scampi. Its probably the yummiest thing I have made in a long time. You can click the photo below to go to the post.
 photo IMG_8331title_zps2963ea6f.jpg

LC Conrad July Collection:
I think Lauren Conrads clothes are in 75% of my Friday Favorite post's. Which I don't mind. Some of the dresses from her July collection are amazing. If I had the money I would buy ALL THE DRESSES.

My hubby and I:
I could list for hours some of my favorite things about my relationship with my husband. One of my favorite things is how we tend to reference Frozen for somethings in our lives. For instance when we are talking about good things we tend to say "all good things, all good things" in an Olaf voice. We have know shame.

Goodie Two Sleeves:
This company has the funniest shirts. I own the Rhino on pictures below. I already see like two I want to purchase soon! Check out their website here:


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