Healthy Shopping

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You've probably been reading my past few post's with recipes and probably thinking to youreself.

"Dang this girl must have money to be able to afford 
all that organic/gluten free stuff she's putting in her recipes"

In all reality. I don't.

Grocery shopping on a newlywed budget is interesting for sure. Add being gluten free and buying organic into that mix and you got quiet a challenge.
I think my husband laughs at me cause I get kind of thrill when grocery shopping. Its like a challenge I need to win.  
I am a coupon connoisseur.I hate going on a full grocery shopping trip and not having at least 3 (or more) coupons to use. 
Anywhozels, I'm not a professional but I thought I would share some of my tips for Healthy Shopping on a budget. These tips are great for the single and just married young women out there. 
( mostly because it's coming from a newly married young women ;) ) 

Find a health food store and price match.
-If you have the luxury of having a health food store in town. Use it. Granted, I know health food stores tend to jack up the price on everything, but I've priced around and found I can get some things cheaper at my local health food store (mainly organic produce) then at my regular grocery store. So, don't be scared to venture into the Health Food Store. 

Find your favorite website.
-For instance I love Southern Savers. Those ladies are the bomb. I shop at Publix for most of my grocery's and they are always on the ball when it comes to the deals at Publix every week. They even post the coupons you can use with the product to save more money. But there are tons of other sites too. Find what works for you. 

Plan ahead
Healthy Shopping on a newlywed budget
- I can't emphasizes how important this is. If you have even a rough idea of what you will be having to eat for dinner each week, it will help you narrow down what you actually need at the store instead of going in with no plan whatsoever. My usual routine is to sit down Sunday, plan dinners for the week, ask my husband what he needs from the store, then write out a grocery list. This way I'm not buying unnecessary items.
(btw that is my grocery list to the side. Cute right?) 

This will sound horrible ...
- but if you can. Shop by yourself. Last time I took my husband grocery shopping i felt like we spent more money then if I just go. And he knows it too lol. And most guys hate grocery shopping anyway so if they dont have to go. Don't make them. But again, if you DO need someone to go with you to help stay on budget, by all means go for it. To each his own.

Healthy Shopping on a newlywed budget
Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!
- SO important. My rule is if you don't absolutely need it, don't buy it without a coupon. Granted there are some basic stuff I buy without coupons but I try REALLY hard to have a coupon for most of my grocery's.
There are great resources online for coupons. Also sign up for your favorite products websites or newsletter's. Most of the time they will send you emails with coupons. Silk and Stonyfield are my favorite brands that always have coupons on their sites or send me in emails.  
Here are some of my favorite sites. : This is probably my favorite. They ALWAYS have great coupons for Organic and Gluten Free products!! 

Last but not least, shop online.
- I am very blessed that my mom lets me use her Amazon Prime account. Sometimes when all else fails. I go online and try to find some basic organic/gluten free essentials on there. Even if I wasn't under my moms amazon prime account, I would seriously consider buying the subscription to it. It is worth the money. I mostly use Amazon to purchase supplements for the husband and I. 
Amazon's just not the only place to buy online. There is also VitaCost and Iherb that I also check out from time to time. 

Make your shopping trips fun. Print out fun weekly menu's or printable grocery list's off Pinterest. I do that all the time. 

Have fun shopping! AND don't put too much pressure on yourself. I did that the first month of being married. Give yourself a night off from cooking and just have leftovers or something different. My husband and I save Tuesdays for our leftovers night, we either do leftovers or if we have the night off from church we eat somewhere healthy for dinner. 

Good Luck!    


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