Friday Favorites

8:00 AM

Yay, It's friday! I am excited for this weekend. The hubster and I have some house fixer-upper stuff to do (including finishing up our DIY chalkboard // post to follow sooon!//). And Sunday we are going to enjoy some Jesus praising and then the beach with family. Hopefully Florida's bipolar summer weather will be in a good mood for us this weekend.

Anywhozels. Here are my favorite things from this past week.

::It was my birthday!::
This can be a favorite from my week right?

My husband fed my obsession with mason jars by buying me a stackable mason jar measuring cups. And also drinking lids for my actual mason jars that I drink out of.
(btw these aren't my pictures. Someone *points to self* was lazy and didnt have time to take photo's herself)

::The new teaser for Mockingjay::
Did you feel the feels too!? My heart cried "Pooooor Peta"

::My new chalkboard::
We still need to put trim around it but here is a sneak peak ;) (excuse any spelling errors)
 photo IMG_8301_zpsdd51e628.jpg

::New YouTube series::
Call me a nerd but I like finding/watching YouTube videos. I think a lot of people assume YouTube is just for cat videos but sometimes you can find some good content. I binge watched and caught up to the latest episode to a new series called "The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Wendy". It's so cute. I want to be Wendy.

Also if you like watching seires on YouTube. Check out
The Lizzy Bennett Diaries
Emma Approved

::Starbucks Yummyness::
I am not a Starbucks junkie by any means but I do like a nice drink from there from time to time. I will admit, I will take a Dunkin Donuts flavored coffee over Starbucks any day because I find Starbucks coffee to be a bit bitter if not made right. BUT I think I may have found my new favorite flavored coffee drink from Starbucks.
Iced Decaf (this girl gets major shakes from full test)  Vanilla Macchiato with chocolate drizzle. 
aka The YUMYUM drink.
 photo 10424638_235477969995066_1618346645_n_zps0d6b2510.jpg

Have a good weekend my friends!! 


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