A great day

12:00 AM

So I really haven't posted much on here about my wedding. Which as of this past Sunday was 4 months ago (crazy!).
We just got our wedding video trailer in. And its amazing. Our videographer was/is awesome!
Do you want to see it!? I bet you do!
So here is our wedding day. It was an amazing day. It was the GREATEST DAY EVER.

Samantha & Steve Wedding! from Beyond Videography on Vimeo.
Isn't it amazing!
ShoutOUT to Tyler from Beyond Videography. If you know anyone in the Central Florida area that is looking for a videographer for their special day. Check his site out here! 


  1. What a fun and beautiful wedding day!! You were a stunning bride, Samantha! (and I love the flannel shirt for the reception :-) )


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