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Can you relate?

9:28 AM

Ok my newlywed/young married friends. Have you ever had the moment when you look in the mirror and you realize that you're a grown up and you don't remember when/how that happened?

I've had those a lot lately. Especially when life get's crazy.
I guess while through my engagement I prepared myself for some of the grown up things. Like housework and paying bills and wifey things. But there is definitely stuff I didn't prepare myself for. Stuff that is now causing me to figure out how to stretch this new married life that I have.
I didn't prepare myself for the expectation that are now on me from other people that are now in my life and even those that have always been. Its something no one probably could have ever warned me about or even if they did. I probably wouldn't have paid attention. It's something you either think about and prepare your self for or (you're like me) and you don't think about it and now you have to.
I don't like to make excuses for myself. I really don't. But I also try not to be hard on myself either because it makes it harder. There are moments when I freak out and my anxiety kick's in and I think to myself
"I am 20 years old, I don't have everything in my life together, I'm not perfect, why do people expect me to be that way just because I'm married"
 I think there is this expectation on newlyweds in general that you should know what to do and how to be a grown up right off that bat. When in all reality I am still trying to figure out my life. My husband and I are still trying to figure out our lives. We've been married 3 months and we are still not certain where God has us to go. Its a journey and not a fast one. No matter how much your parent teaches you about life and prepares you for marriage you are never going to be fully prepared. Never.
And as much as you don't want to let your parents down and you want them to see they've raised this amazing child, sometimes (especially when you are no longer under their roof) you do let them down and it sucks but you are in a new situation (like marriage) and you just have to find your footing, know what is right, and look to your Heavenly Father.
All of this is part of being a grownup I never took into account fully and there is probably will still be more to come.

I think that transition of being on your own or getting married is probably one of the hardest things for a young women. I know it has been for me. Finding my own and taking what my parents have taught me and putting it into my new life with my husband. I know there are many more young women that feel the same way.

You might not agree with what I said or maybe feel like I'm contradicting myself or maybe you think I am speaking the truth. But one big life lesson I'm learning from my God and even from my husband (who learned this before me) is that you are not going to be able to please everyone, you are going the let people down. You just have to let it go. Learn from what you let people down on. And move one. Know who you are in Christ and learn.


A-Z of C.S Lewis

8:00 AM

Book Review: 

A-Z of C.S Lewis: A Complete Guide to His Life, Thoughts and Writings
by Colin Duriez

Published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of C. S. Lewis's death, this complete guide covers all of Lewis' works, from his literary criticism to Narnia.
C. S. Lewis's work is widely known and regarded, but enthusiasts are often only aware of one part of his work-his children's stories and his popular theology; and yet he wrote so much more, including science fiction and literary criticism. This volume brings together all aspects of C S Lewis's life and thought. Arranged in alphabetical order, it begins with The Abolition of Man-written in 1943 and described as "almost my favorite"-to Wormwood, a character in The Screwtape Letters. This book will delight anyone who is interested in C. S. Lewis and wants to learn more about him, his thought, his works, and his life.

My Review:
I loved scanning through this book. I am a big fan of C.S Lewis and am so intrigued by his ideas on life.  I had a great time looking through different Narnia definitions that were throughout this book.
If you are a big fan of C.S Lewis, you'll want to pick up this for you book shelf collection. 

*this book was given to me by Litfuse Publicity Group to review. All opinions are 100% mine.



2:40 PM

Hi blog friends!
How are you? 
Steve and I are doing well. 
Life has been crAzy and nonstop. 
We've be going through bouts of sickness and hurting shoulders and colds.
Trying to fix up our house little by little.
Writing school papers and sitting through hour and half lectures.
Going on trips to Disney. 
Spending our first Valentines Day together as a married couple (at Disney). Which was very interesting one and now we will always have a very interesting story to tell about.
Bought a cute and funny shirt (or at least I found it funny)

Hope all is well with you blog friends! 
Til next time!