12:00 AM


LC's new photos for here Kohls line. I mean, I like just about anything related to LC, but some of her new clothes at kohls have me drooling and wishing I wasn't poor. 

Anomaly by Krista McGee. I can't wait to review this for you all. There are very few christian YA novels that are futuristic, that are this good. I don't want to give anything away but you can check out the synopsis here

I finished Parks and Rec's on Netflix the other day. Now I am in desperate need of season 5. I've also been catching up on some So You Think You Can Dance. Some of these dancers blow me away. Makes me wanna dance more constantly again.

I cleaned like a crazy person the other day. 4 hours straight. It was much needed. I got rid of stuff and dusted and vacuumed. I was on a roll. It also helped I had the 1st season of New Girl playing the entire time. A little Jessica Day and Nick Miller kept me motivated.

SO much wedding planning/creating going on. I've been working on the program and little things and decorations. So much and only 4months left! The list is long but I'm ready.


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