It is only tuesday..

8:00 AM

But this will be posted Wednesday.
But as I write this its Tuesday. And I'm already tired.
Once I'm done typing this I am SO ready to crawl in bed, read a little, then go in to the deepest slumber till 6:55am when I need to get up to go dance around and act like a crazy person in front of 100+ kids.
I haven't even worked out this week because I'm counting all the jumping around I've been doing at 9am and 11:35am as a workout.

Thank the Lord for the break in the middle of those times.
It gives me time to recuperate, drink more coffee, and go over my lines so I don't sound like a robot reading from the script.

 (which ends up happening anyway because I forget and mess up 85% of the time.) (Thankfully kids are super nonjudgmental ) 

As tired as I am. I absolutely love what I get to do this week. Being on stage in front of 100+ kids everyday singing and teaching them about God is such a blessing in itself.
Plus I get to dance, which you should all know by now I love to do. Especially with kids :)

I love working with kids in church.
We all strive to have a "child-like" faith in Christ, and I feel like, doing what I do, working not only on VBS but in children's church every week, I'm constantly reminded of what it means to have a child-like faith because I am surrounded by children who love God with all their hearts and just want to please him.

SO next time you hear from me, I probably will have no voice from singing and being loud and crazy with the kiddos, but at least I'm doing something awesome for God and blessing all the little ones around me :)

Stay Strong Friends ;)


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