How the week went

8:00 AM

Day 1 :
Yay! Up early to curl hair. 2 cups of coffee. Got to church early. Adrenalin pumping. All hyped up.
No need for nap.

Day 2: 
Figured its not worth the effort to curl my hair so I straighten it and cake it with hair spray to fight off the Florida humidity. Was good with one cup of coffee.
No need for nap

Day 3:
My excitement energy is wearing off. I quickly get ready so I can fix a cup of coffee. I contemplate/attempt taking a nap behind stage before the morning extravaganza.
Took a nap afterwards while waiting for Steve to pick me up for a trip to run some errands. He woke me up and I was tired the rest of the day.

Day 4:
Getting out of bed is not very easy. I didnt finished my coffee cause i was too tired/sickfeeling. Arrived at church. Tried to memorize lines. Thankful for adrenalin that kicked in when it was show time.
I took 2 naps that afternoon

Day 5:
The only thing motivating me to get out of bed is that thought that it is the last day and I get to come home in 5 hours and sleep.
Which I did for a whole hour.
This isn't to say I didnt enjoy my week. I truly felt blessed by what I got to do and my interactions with the kids.
 But anyone who works in children's ministry, it is very tiring.
Tiring but rewarding.

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