12:00 AM

I really have no idea how I have not posted this picture yet.
We knew Steve was the guy for me when Jaxson started showing interest in him right away.

(Jaxson is "iffy" when it comes to guys, so the fact he warmed right up to Steve was a good sign) 

Jaxson and Steve have a great relationship. Steve gives him food, Jaxson in turn doesn't bark at him when he walks in the door.
They have a model "dog+man" friendship going on.
My favorite moment is when I'm laying/sleeping in bed and Steve comes in to wake me up and Jaxson attempts to jump on the bed first before Steve.
Makes me giggle every time.
Its like Jaxson's saying "I was the man in her life before you, so I will wake her up first!"

Another perk to their friendship. I get to capture moments like this. Sweet adorable moments.


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