Ahh life

12:00 AM

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Don't worry poor little blog, i haven't been ignoring you for a stupid reason.

After this weekend of epic sickness proportion, I really wasn't in the mood to do anything.
(that included my 3 tests I had a school within two days)
It even got to a point this weekend where all I COULD do was lie in bed and cry cause my body had reached a new low.

Even with the sickness and the head cold that followed. I managed to make it through.
  (said in the most sarcastic voice ever)

But being sick wasn't the only thing keeping me busy.
You see, once you get engaged, there is this thing called a "wedding" that you have to start preparing for. And even though the wedding is far off away, you still have to plan a crap load of stuff in advance so nothing is last minuet.
Which I don't mind. I'd rather be prepared early then late.
So, most of my free time is then devoted to doing what "wedding preparation" i have chosen to get done that day, and then of course, school comes along as well.

I DON'T want to forget my little blog though! I want to be able to use this to document my engagement somewhat. From the stressful days to the happy days.

So, my readers, be prepare for wedding preparation updates and stories. For there will be plenty. 


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