Christmas - Part 2

12:00 AM

Part 2 

Jaxson clearly wanting a piece of misters cinnamon roll.

Christmas Day was probably the most relaxed Christmas day I've ever had. Total Floridian Christmas. We just relaxed, watched the telly, stuffed our faces and didn't get out of our PJ's till 3pm and then stuff our faces later on with a roast from heaven (well not heaven, but Maryland, close enough) 

One of my first gifts. A "Tangled" inspired necklace from Sis. It has Pascal on it!
 (yes, Tangled is one of my favorite movies, don't judge) 

Mister opening his first present. A phone case with a "minion" on it from Despicable Me. One of his favorites.

My reaction to opening....



Yup. ALMOST cried. I didn't actually fully cry about it till later. Delayed reaction. 

I was an awesome girlfriend too and got him 3 tiny nerf guns for his stocking.
Cause that's how our relationship works. He buys me a beautiful necklace, and I buy him nerf guns.
Funnest toys ever! Though I was no longer an awesome girlfriend when i hit him in the eye. Game over. 

Like i said. Christmas day for me =ed total relaxing.
Example: I colored for hours in the huge princess coloring book mom bough us. I turned in to a 6 year old for a couple hours. SO relaxing.


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 
And can you believe it is almost the end of 2012! Ahh. Hopefully i will get one of those cliche "new year" posts up soon!


  1. sounds perfect! My Christmas was so relaxing too :) and I love how you called the TV the "telly", I call it that too sometimes ;)


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