Christmas - Part 1

12:00 AM


Christmas was so wonderful this year. For many reasons. I'm not gonna bore you with 2 many details and I'm going to split it up into 2 parts so I don't overload you with pictures. You're welcome.

Part 1.
Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve was pretty quiet for the majority of the day. I relaxed like most of Americans in the morning then got right to work making me GF sweet and sour chicken for our mini party in the evening. 

Then after slaving over the hot stove (not really slaving, more like salivating cause the SandS chicken smelled so good), I beautified myself for church that evening and prepared myself to wrangle the children, as it was my job to do that that night during the Christmas performance.

Then we came home to ridiculousness amounts of chines food. 85% of which I could not eat but still it was delicious looking never the less.

Then sis and I sat down played a exciting (not really but still) game of Monopoly with friends. 
and yes, the only version of monopoly we own is Disney. Don't judge. 

Then he arrived from a long night of work and we proceeded to open our Christmas PJ's.
We made him act surprised even though he knew what PJ pants he was getting... 

Then it was time for bed!! 

Part 2 to come soon! 


  1. Had to laugh because the Disney version is the only Monopoly we own..I don't even know if I would understand a "regular" Monopoly board. "What do you mean there are no showtime cards or Captain Hook's Pirate Ship!?!" Ha!


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