Sam's Thoughts

12:00 AM

Time for another round of

Random thoughts with Samantha 

Have you heard of Songza???? 
If not you should check it out. My government teacher actually showed it to me in her office. Coolest thing since pandora. Just saying! 

Is it sad I'm mad that I can still wear shorts to school? 
I mean, its almost october. Like, could FL get the memo its supposed to be cold?? 

I love chick fil a!
Especially when they give me an extra peach milkshake that they made on accident :) 

My best friend and I like to match. (Same dress, different patterns) 

I like canned fruit.
Now, nothing beats fresh fruit but when you are poor like me... Canned fruit is the next best thing. And it tasts so yummy! 


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