12:00 AM

SO, this is going to be a makeshift day outfit post.
Meaning, I took these pictures at different times during the day on my sad little itouch camera.
 So I apologize in advance for the bad quality :/

So remember last weeks post on dresses?? Yea. Yesterday was one of those "40% of the time" days where I really wanted to wear a dress. Mostly cause it was new :)


Dress - Cotton On ($5!) // 

As the day progressed and my hair got more and more in my way, it had to be put into a bun of course! 


The back of the dress is my favorite :) 

Learning the sock bun has been a lifesaver. You must learn it if you haven't yet. Super easy.
Pinterest it! 


  1. pretty little thing! I loooove the back of that dress <3


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