Be honest

7:33 PM

Alright ladies.
Lets be honest.

TO my guy friends that read my blog. Yes I know you do. Don't deny it!
 You might want to skip this post. Its gonna be about girl talk and such...

Anyway, Lets be honest ladies. Unless you REALLY like dresses. About 40% of the time (maybe even less), do we think.
"Oh, I want to wear a dress today".

Because if you are like me and are attending a small little state college in order to avoid the debt monster that is college tuition, there are few to none girls that wear dresses. Its more along the lines of a competition to see who can wear the shortest shorts, the lowest cut tops, and the tight little yoga pants/shorts.
So, if you do wear a dress, you stick out like a sore thumb.

I will be honest. There are days where i'm like...
"oh, a dress would be nice to wear today."

however 60% of the time its more of like....
"OH! crap. I have to do laundry. I have no jeans, shorts, or shirts to wear. Dress it is."

Dresses become a last resort 60% of the time.
Lets be honest.

However, lets take into account how adorable us girls look in dresses. I mean, yes we may be wearing the dress because we had nothing else to wear because we need to do laundry, but we are going to rock it either way ;)




  1. I'm not a dress girl but when I do wear a dress I feel like I have extra girl superpowers or something ;)

    You are SO cute!

  2. hehe! so true. though my problem tends to be, "Oh I want to wear a dress today" and then either they're all dirty, too nice, or I'm going to rehearsal and choreography is awkward in a dress :P

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  4. Love this post, Samantha. Yes, most of the time I just slip into my yoga pants and call it a day but it always makes me smile when a girl takes the time to put on a cute little dress. I don't think there is a girl alive who doesn't look adorable in a flirty floral. And yes, we as girls totally rock dresses...even if our reason is it's the only thing not in the laundry :)


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