12:09 PM

Remember, like 2 months ago when I made a vlog and I was all like.

"I'm gonna blog more this summer".



Me too..

Lets just say this summer turned out to be busier than expected.
When I'm not running the "little sis" around to the beach or shopping, or a friend house, I'm with friends, hanging out, watching movies. Then when I am at home I'm extreamly exhausted and just have enough energy to sit on my butt and watch Netflix and relax.

SO. Blogging (as much as I LOVE IT) hasn't been my first priority lately, sadly :(


When I do find time. Like today. I try to do as much catching up as I can! So don't worry. I'm not going anywhere!! :)

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  1. Beside the point, but your hair looks fantastic in that picture :)


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